Type Tasting

Type Tasting Pop-up Typography Lab: Typographic Interventions project

What is a typographic intervention? What if it’s not what it says on the tin? Can typography alter your experiences, or nudge you to change your behaviour?

Take part in typographic research at the mobile Type Tasting laboratory, which will have a series of experiments running throughout the day (11am-5pm) on Saturday 18 August. The experiments are designed to gather data, and also to encourage you to think differently about typefaces and perception as you take part in them.

Via the pop-up lab, Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman investigates the information typefaces communicate to us, independently of the words they are spelling out, which we usually ‘read’ on a subconscious level. There is a complex system of visual codes that we learn to recognise, often through the branding and packaging we interact with in our everyday lives.

Some of the experiments you will take part in are in their early proof of concept stages. For others, data is being gathered for potential future publication as a collaborative study. Sarah will be speaking at about the results of this ongoing project at the Museum of Brands on 25th October.