We are very grateful that 1 Shot paints and W&B Gold Leaf sponsorted Letterheads 2018: London Calling via the novice room and gilding zone respectively.


The following organisations kindly supplied products and services for the benefit of the event: Association of Illustrators; Better BanksideBudweiser Budvar; Dalton Maag; G . F Smith; Kafka Brushes; Laithwaite’s Wine; M.A.R.S Print Studio; Mack Brush; Mesh & Blade; nai010; The Nut Jumpers; Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine; Printed Cup Company; South Bank London; Stabilo; Type Tasting; We Are Waterloo; William Mitchell


The following organisations organised the event: A.S. Handover; Better Letters/Ghostsigns; Ampersand Alice; Luminor Sign Co.; Pre-Vinylite Society.


Our charity auction, sales of raffle tickets, and donations from the guided tours, will be used to provide support to the Waterloo Action Centre (WAC). The money raised will be used to provide WAC’s advice work with older people and those with disabilities. Watch the WAC video to learn more and come back soon for an announcement of the total raised.