Ticketholder Sessions

These sessions are for ticketholders only.


At the heart of the meet are the three dedicated ‘panel jam’ areas. These are set up with easels, panels and paint to provide an opportunity to practise, observe others, and engage in the spontaneous learning that make Letterheads events so unique. (Please bring your own equipment, as though you were going out on a job, but leave paints, thinners and any other flammable items at home/the workshop as these will be provided.)

There are then a number of zones dedicated to particular activities. These are informal spaces to participate, observe, ask questions and learn about the techniques on show. We encourage you to drop in and spend some time in each of those that interest you, and for more experienced letterheads to join in the teaching and learning.

If a zone is busy, then come back later on, and be considerate of fellow letterheads by not spending all of your time in one place.


10am-5pm (11am-2pm Sun). Hosted by Alice Mazzilli.


Easels will be removed Saturday afternoon. See timetable below for scheduled demonstrations. We also have an easel available in the welcome area which is free for all letterheads to use for public demonstrations.


Sessions will run 10am-1pm and 2-5pm each day, except Sunday which will be given over to demonstrations and finishing off. Please arrive 15 minutes before session start time, there is no pre-booking. Hosted by Chris Sturdivant, with generous sponsorship from W&B Gold Leaf.


Pre-Registered novices should make their way to the room for the kick-off briefing at 11am on the first day. Hosted by Mike Meyer with generous sponsorship from 1 Shot paints.


10am-5pm (11am-2pm Sun). Hosted by Richie Chlaszczak and Jane Lind Walker.


See timetable for talk times.


There are two formal workshops to participate in, each running twice with limited capacity, so please don’t take both of them. See timetable below for times.


These are the general timings for the meet, with the more detailed activity timetable following.

  • 9am (10am Sun): Registration
  • 9am-6pm (10am-4pm Sun): Panel jam
  • 12-6:30pm (12-11pm Sat): Bar open
  • 12:30-1:30pm: Lunch available
  • 6-7pm (10-11pm Sat, 4-5pm Sun): Clean brushes and exit


Here is a more detailed time table, day-by-day, of what will be happening.

  • 2-4pm Sign & Lettering Bus Tour (pre-bookings only)
  • 6-12pm Opening Party

Optional Evening Activity

  • Before Sunset: Bankside Ghostsigns Walk (self-guided), starts at The Tanneries, 57 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3XJ (download app and tour in Wifi zone from www.ghostsigns.co.uk/tours)
  • 9pm: Light Capsule installation with Craig Winslow at 25-33 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RQ

Optional Evening Activity


Optional Evening Activity

  • 5pm Local pubs e.g. Fountain & Ink
  • Anytime, visit graffiti tunnel at Leake Street, London SE1 7NN (5 minutes’ walk)

Further Information

Please also refer to the following resources when planning your time at Letterheads 2018: London Calling